Events Frequently Asked Questions

How is my event managed?


The Catering and Events Manager will help you plan your event by drafting a custom plan and quote for your event and coordinating catering, service and on-site logistical details.  The Catering and Events Manager also will be on site for your event to oversee its organization and execution.  Personal touches such as planning and arranging decor or additional equipment rental is provided by the client.


Do I have exclusive use of the venue?


Yes.  All private events are booked outside our public business hours.  Private events can be held between 9am and 11am or 5pm and 11pm.


What is the capacity?

Sit down meals in The Teahouse                                    45 people

Stand up receptions in The Teahouse                              75 people

Stand up receptions in The Teahouse and the Garden         175 people


What is included in the venue rental?

Exclusive use of The Teahouse and the Garden.  A signing table and two chairs are provided for wedding ceremonies.  Guest book and cake tables are included for wedding receptions.


What is included in the catering?


All tables, chairs, linens, glassware, china and flatware are provided by The Teahouse.  All service staff required for your event is included.



Do I need insurance?



What about parking?

There is ample parking available on the street near the Garden entrance sufficient for events up to 175 people.


What are the deposit requirements?

The rental fee and 25% of the food portion of the catering fee is required at the time of booking the event. 


Can we have a DJ or live music?

Yes.  Live or recorded music can be played in the Garden until 9pm and in The Teahouse until 1030pm.


Are The Teahouse and the Garden wheelchair accessible?